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You are one night away from your breakthrough! Sleep well, believer.

That’s right! You are one night away from your breakthrough, one night away from your

provision; one night away from your healing, one night away from the manifestation of His promises🙌🏽.

God can suddenly shift everything about your circumstances, just like He did for Joseph. Joseph went to sleep as a prisoner and woke up a ruler over Egypt! In one day, this same God can propel you into your destiny.

If something is dead in your life, He can breathe life into it. If something is barren, He can cause it to give birth. Whatever is causing you stress or concern, give it to Jesus.

There’s no point in you staying up, worrying and losing sleep, the Master is up. Pray, give your concerns to Him and get some rest. He will handle and resolve your problems.

Tonight, may your name be discussed amongst kings, leaders, and influential people. May you rise from bondage to freedom. May your gift make room for you and bring you before great men and women. May the Lord bless people in your sphere for your sake, and may they know it!

For more encouragement, read Joseph’s story from the prison to the palace which is chronicled in Genesis 41.

Have a restful night and peaceful sleep.

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